Your customers, your team, your business depend on the quality of services you might not even control. Assess, baseline, monitor and troubleshoot your services, regardless of their structure, complexity and delivery model. Free your staff from time consuming tasks to focus on growth and innovation.

Conceptual Overview

1. Use small agents to simulate users inside your organization or across the world
2. Agents test a target service over HTTP, traceroute, etc
3. Collect data to baseline service, monitor, troubleshoot and analyze it
4. Get notified when a service has issues

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Manage User Experience

To run a true service oriented IT organization, whether you are a network engineer, an app developer, a service manager or a CIO, you need one meta-metric: User Experience. Start focusing on SLAs, get the data to better your business.

Simplify Network Troubleshooting

Get notified of issues and receive the information you need for quick fault domain isolation, one snapshot to tell you what is going on in your infrastructure. Make your operational life easier with the tools you need

Deterministic Technology Transitions

How do you know your IPv6 enablement or your Cloud transition did not impact negatively your services? Monitor the metrics that give you peace of mind and make the leadership comfortable with their investments. Ultimately, it is not about the technology, it is about the service.

About Nephos6

Nephos6 is a company built by industry recognized Network and Cloud experts with extensive experience in planning, designing, deploying and operating large IT environments. Our flagship product, Sonar, is the culmination of Nephos6’s experience and expertise, and focuses on monitoring and analyzing services delivered over today’s IT infrastructure. Sonar is developed specifically to address and account for the drivers of IT transformation: Cloud, SDN/NFV, IPv6.

Nephos6 - The Cloud and IPv6 Company

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